AHAP was founded by Austin Shalit, a realtor in Boerne, Texas to give back to those who make the sacrifices necessary for us to live our lives every time they dawn their uniform. Charity has always been a creed of the Shalit family and to Austin, AHAP is an important symbol of appreciation and admiration to those who bravely serve the community and country. AHAP makes it just a little bit easier to say thanks and give back, even in a small way such as a discount.




At AHAP, we encourage the community to patronize these businesses that offer discounts and free services to our active and retired heroes, even if they’re regular civilians who don’t receive the benefits themselves. The more we encourage businesses to do good by the recipients of AHAP, the more businesses will hop on board. Just as we appreciate our heroes, we appreciate those who give back to them. That’s why aside from doing good and showing appreciation, an added benefit to listing your business with AHAP is that AHAP acts as free advertising not only to those with an AHAP card but also to the average Joe who would prefer to shop at a patriotic business that supports our heroes, which can help our recently crippled economy and community get back on their feet.

AHAP has been designed to be scam-proof through the decision to be completely free of any fees and even donations. We owe our heroes a great deal, and unfortunately there are those who take advantage of that to get rich off of our appreciation. Charities that claim to help veterans and others who pocket a majority of the money while most of the people whom the money is meant for end up never seeing a dime of it.

Due to an abundance of these scams and a general distrust of charities, AHAP was created with only one rule: No money.

AHAP doesn’t take donations, sign up fees, or paid advertisements. AHAP is completely free so as never to raise questions about where the money is really going to.

Austin Shalit pays for every expense, and does so proudly. We acknowledge the sacrifices of our service members, badge, and first responders; so we put our money where our mouth is and refuse to take yours.

Thank you for your service – now, let us serve you.

The businesses advertise for free. When you sign up, you’ll receive their benefits for free.